Upcoming events:
2021-11-18 Hellhookah (LT) & Lofuzz (CZ) @ Prague, Czech Republic
2021-11-19 Come on… And fly with us to the stars (private event) @ Leipziger86, Finsterwalde, Germany with Canabinneros (B) and No Waves (DE)
2021-11-20 Secret studio session @ Rodewisch, Germany
2021-11-21 @ Autonomes Zentrum Aachen, Aachen, Germany with Kartoum (DE)


Past events:


2021-10-22 Another Stoned Friday @ Lemmy club, Kaunas, Lithuania with ORB (LT) and Black Citrus (LT)
2021-10-16 Another Stoned Friday @ nArauti, Vilnius, Lithuania with ORB (LT) and Black Citrus (LT)


2020-10-03 ‘The Curse’ Album Release Party @ nArauti, Vilnius, Lithuania with Twisted Posssessor (LT) and Gangrena (LT)
2020-10-03 ‘The Curse’ Album Release Party @ Lemmy club, Kaunas, Lithuania with Twisted Posssessor (LT) and Gangrena (LT)
2020-09-18 @ Republika, Riga, Latvia with Druun (LV) and Sarma (LV)


2019-11-30 @ Melno Cepurīšu Balerija, Jelgava Latvia with M158 (LV)
2019-11-17 Dishwash #10: Night of DOOM @ Den Brakkelier (previously hyped as Atelier Demoustier), Leuven, Belgium + TBA
2019-11-16 Hellhookah has a Deal with the Devil @ MTS LP’s CD’s, Oldenburg, Germany with Methedras (IT) and Total Violence (DE)
2019-11-15 Doomstone XXX @ Bunker Rostock, Rostock, Germany with Klatsche (DE)
2019-11-14 @ Klub Studencki Pralnia, Szczecin, Poland with Stripfeed (PL)
2019-10-11 @ nArauti club, Vilnius, Lithuania with UFOMAMMUT (IT) and SÂVER (NO)
2019-09-27 Balius: nArauti 8 sezono atidarymas @ nArauti club, Vilnius, Lithuania
2019-09-14 Autumn Devastation X @ Lemmy club, Kaunas, Lithuania
2019-07-05 @ Club Q, Graz, Austria with Kickstarter Ritual (IT) and The Wicked (AT)
2019-05-14 @ XI20, Vilnius, Lithuania with Suma (SE) and Wifebeater (LT)
2019-04-26 Another Wasted Friday @ nArauti, Vilnius, Lithuania with Goat Metamorphosis (LT) and Gangrena (LT)
2019-04-13 @ De Haven, Aarschot, Belgium with Seven That Spells (HR), Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree (DE) and Dorre (BE)
2019-04-12 @ De Groote Weiver, Wormerveer, Netherlands with Traiectum Inferius (NL) and Cthulhu (NL)
2019-04-11 @ Halle am Rhein, Köln, Germany with Red Scalp (PL) and 11redearth (DE)
2019-04-09 @ ARSVITAEcafé, Rodewisch, Germany
2019-04-08 @ schabe gib acht!, Wedding, Berlin, Germany with Vile Creature (CA) and Aseethe (USA)
2019-04-07 @ Klub Studencki Pralnia, Szczecin, Poland
2019-04-06 @ Gaststätte Eichenkranz, Dresden, Germany with Crypt Trip (USA) and The Grand Acid (DE)
2019-04-05 @ Hospoda Brouk, Prague, Czech Republic with Laundered Syrup (CZ)
2019-03-30 @ Lokal House, Riga, Latvia with Saturn’s Husk (LV)


2018-11-24 @ La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland with Greenphetamine (IT)
2018-11-23 @ White Rabbit Club, Freiburg, Germany with Black Is? just a dark white (IT)
2018-11-22 @ No Man’s Land, Volmerange-Les-Mines, Lorraine, France with Destroyed Bastards (FR) and Acid Fuzz Factory (FR)
2018-09-15 @ MFC, Coevorden, Netherlands
2018-09-15 @ Innocent, Hengelo, Netherlands
2018-08-27 Stoner/Doom Metal Monday @ nArauti, Vilnius, Lithuania with Dopelord (PL) and ORB (LT)
2018-08-17 Skeneraator Festival @ Ranna Puhkebaas, Estonia
2018-08-04 E-lite-culture Happening @ Stolzenhain, 04916 Schönewalde, Germany
2018-08-03 @ Archiv, Potsdam, Germany with Big Ugly Fat Fella (DE) and Iron Peniz 300 (DE)
2018-07-14 @ Devilstone Open Air 2018, Anyksciai, Lithuania
2018-06-30 @ Ravintola Cactus, Helsinki, Finland with Cardinals Folly (FIN) and Diäb Soulé (FIN)
2018-05-11 @ XI20, Vilnius, Lithuania with Stranguliatorius (LT)
2018-04-29 @ Club Wakuum, Graz, Austria with Super Sonic Silver Haze (AT/G) and Psycho Toaster (AT/B)
2018-04-27 @ Kunstverein, Nürnberg, Germany with Black Capricorn (IT) and Into Coffin (DE)
2018-04-26 @ P8, Karlsruhe, Germany with Monday Joe and the Freaks of the Week (DE)
2018-04-25 @ Le Midland, Lille, France with Black Capricorn (IT) and Nornes (FR)
2018-04-24 @ Jungle Club, Köln, Germany with Dopelord (PL), Black Capricorn (IT) and Bongthrower (DE)
2018-04-22 Hellhookah live im Dirty+Dancing @ Dirty Dancing -OS, Osnabrück, Germany
2018-04-21 @ Oldenburg, Germany with Dopelord (PL)
2018-04-20 @ CHEKOV …the unoptimal location, Cottbus, Germany with Acid Row (CZ) and Snyder (CZ)
2018-04-19 @ ČESKÁ 1 MUSIC CLUB, Kutná Hora, Czech Republic
2018-02-02 nArauti 5 year birthday party @ nArauti club, Vilnius, Lithuania


2017-12-15 Nieko Svento II @ klubas Lemmy, Kaunas, Lithuania with Flynotes (RU) and Loveblast (LT)
2017-12-16 From Doom to Death Part III @ Iron Eagle, Lugau, Germany with Doomentor (DE) and Blackthyria (DE)
2017-12-15 @ Chemnitz, Germany
2017-11-03 Nekrokatarsis: V @ Rock River Club, Vilnius, Lithuania with Medico Peste (PL), Faršas (LT), Sisyphean (LT), Extravaganza (LT) and Karkasas (LT)
2017-09-23 @ Jekyll & Hyde, Lüneburg, Germany with Spaceklotz (DE)
2017-09-17 @ Underdogs’ Ballroom & Bar, Prague, Czech Republic with Tides of Sulfur (UK), Gedale (CZ) and Behavioral Sink (CZ)
2017-09-15 Rockt Den See Festival 2017 @ Arendsee (Altmark), Germany
2017-08-26 @ Klub Močvara, Zagreb, Croatia
2017-08-25 Summer Metal Feast @ S8 Underground Club, Budapest, Hungary with Subject 9 (HU) and Source of Pleasure (HU)
2017-08-23 @ Banská Bystrica, Slovakia with Vital Remains (USA), Infer (SK) and Bloody Redemption (SK)
2017-07-08 @ Archiv, Potsdam, Germany with Black Sadhu (DE)
2017-06-23 True & Evil Festival 2017 @ Vilnius, Lithuania
2017-03-25 @ 2KOŁA Pub Motocyklowy, Warsaw, Poland with Somanaut (PL) and Bantha Rider (PL)
2017-03-21 @ Antwerp Music City, Antwerp, Belgium with Lost Baron (BE) and The Greyhounds of Monkey Gordon (BE)
2017-03-18 HEADZ UP Vol. LXIX @ Tiefgrund, Berlin, Germany with Spaceslug (PL)
2017-03-17 @ Roter Baum e.V., Dresden, Germany with The Freeks (USA) and Komatsu (NL)
2017-03-16 @ Alternativa Club, Poznan, Poland with Tortuga (PL)
2017-01-14 10th Birthday of Audronasa @ klubas nArauti, Vilnius, Lithuania with Phrenetix (LT) and Regressive (LT)


2016-11-26 Baltic Doom Assault @ Golden Classics Cafe & Bar, Helsinki, Finland with Diäb Soulé (FIN), Kantamus (FIN) and Mang Ont (EE)
2016-11-19 Another Psychedelic Saturday @ nArauti club, Vilnius, Lithuania with The Legendary Flower Punk (RU) and Les Attitudes Spectrales (LV)
2016-10-15 @ Rockclub Tapper, Tallinn, Estonia with Kivikylm (EE)
2016-10-14 @ Melnā Piektdiena, Riga, Latvia with Heaven Grey (LV), Inner Missing (RU) and Deformity (RU)
2016-10-08 ANOTHER DOOMED SATURDAY @ PuntoJazz palepe, Kaunas, Lithuania with Cardinals Folly (FIN) and Wifebeater (LT)
2016-10-07 ANOTHER DOOMED FRIDAY @ nArauti club, Vilnius, Lithuania with Cardinals Folly (FIN) and Wifebeater (LT)
2016-07-22 @ Liwi Club, Leipzig, Germany with Goat Explosion (DE)
2016-07-10 @ Electric Meadow Fest 2016, Lviv, Ukraine
2016-06-18 @ Lemmy’s club, Kaunas, Lithuania with Sraigės Efektas (LT) and The Chillibows (LT)
2019-06-04 @ Z6EZMAR6A6 Open Air: The Beginning, Ziezmariai, Lithuania
2016-04-09 HELLHOOKAH “Endless Serpents” album release party @ nArauti club, Vilnius, Lithuania with Wifebeater (LT) and Attaktix (LT)
2016-03-25 @ ALIVE STAGE, Wrocław, Poland with MuN (PL)
2016-03-23 @ Alternatives Zentrum Conni, Dresden, Germany with Duel (USA) and The Trikes (DE)
2016-02-20 Opening Day @ Lemmy’s club, Kaunas, Lithuania with Fuck Off And Die (LT) and Chasing the Rise (LT)


2015-11-07 ANOTHER STONED SATURDAY @ nArauti club, Vilnius, Lithuania with ORB (LT), Dear Madam (LT) + TBA
2015-10-14 START FM 10th Birthday @ XI20, Vilnius, Lithuania with Netvarkoi (LT) and MC Mesijus (LT) x Munpauzn (LT)
2015-07-17 @ DEVILSTONE Open Air, Anyksciai, Lithuania
2015-06-05 @ Z6EZMAR6A6 Open Air: Stone ‘n’ Steel, Ziezmariai, Lithuania
2015-05-02 @ PuntoJazz palepe, Kaunas, Lithuania with Dirge (FR), Subliminal Messages (LT) and N R C S S T (LT)
2015-04-04 from zero to minus infinity /w Sraiges Efektas (LT) @ nArauti, Vilnius, Lithuania
2015-02-27 @ XI20, Vilnius, Lithuania with Stranguliatorius (LT) and Phrenetix (LT)
2015-01-31 @ Underground Pub, Kaunas, Lithuania with Black Citrus (LT)


2014-12-13 @ Propaganda, Vilnius, Lithuania with Sraiges Efektas (LT), Dopelord (PL) and Stoned Jesus (UA)
2014-11-28 ANOTHER STONED FRIDAY @ XI20, Vilnius, Lithuania with ORB (LT) and Black Citrus (LT)
2014-11-08 @ BO Pub, Kaunas with ORB (LT)
2014-06-06 @ Z6EZMAR6A6 Open Air: Rock ‘n’ Rave, Ziezmariai, Lithuania
2014-05-25 @ KOPLYCFEST, Didziokai, Lithuania
2014-03-27 @ Underground Pub, Kaunas, Lithuania with 71TONMAN (PL)
2014-01-17 @ XI20, Vilnius, Lithuania with Sunnata (PL) and Greaves (LT)